Friday, November 22, 2013

F3-R launched in 2013 ?

Seen in La Tribune...

Jean-Yves le Drian (French MoD) told La Tribune that he plans to launch the development of the future F3-R standard before the end of 2013.

Reminder :

A risk reduction contract was signed earlier, in December 2012, for the preliminary studies one this standard which will give the Rafale :
  • the Meteor ;
  • the PDL NG to replace the Damocles ;
  •  IFF mode 5/S ;
  • improved L16 ;
  • Spectra upgrades ;
  • Reco NG upgrades.


  1. F-3R standard confirmed, december 30, 2013 by Jean Yves Le Drian, french MoD.
    Operationnal 2018.

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